Consulting Care for East African Community

Work meeting in Warsaw, to create road map of 2020 for presentations and implementations Anatom Visio 3D System in Tanzania and East African Community (EAC).

Dr Łukasz Wysieński (Consulting Care), Hanna Ksycińska (Consulting Care), Shaaban Mussa Mgonja (SMJP LTD), Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek (SMJP LTD). Warsaw 2020-03-06

Three-dimensional (3D) images technology creates new demands and opportunities in the field of education of doctors and students at medical departments.

Work with Anatom Visio 3D System (Oculus Quest)

The Africa market is growing very fast. Countries like Tanzania need very well educated doctors and scientist.

East African Community. Consulting Care Road Map 2020.

New 3D technology can help to educate better and faster. African Universities looking for opportunities to accelerate the process of creating of new better workers for them countries.

The answer is Consulting Care with very modern and unique technology for medical students and doctors.

Anatom Visio 3D System

Virtual reality on the basis of really human plastinated specimens.

Step by step. You can also join us in this incredible project.

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