Carlo Bossi Tanzania – one year of collaboration

Exactly one year ago 8th of May 2019: Business meeting in Warsaw 8th of May 2019. Agreement between Carlo Bossi Sp. z o.o. and JPIT LLC/SMJP LTD. Jacek ‘Hodża’ Paciorek (JPIT LLC/SMJP LTD) Shaaban Mussa Mgonja (SMJP LTD/JPIT LLC) Andrzej Byzdra (Carlo Bossi Parfumes Sp. z o.o.) Excellent products, huge market in Tanzania, excellent team […]

Anatom Visio 3D System in Dar es Salaam 2020-03-23

Practical classes on Anatom Visio 3D System. Work with Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. Planing of presentations at the medical universities in Tanzania. Anatom Visio 3D System Virtual reality on the basis of really human plastinated specimens. Step by step. You can also join us in this incredible project.

Consulting Care for East African Community

Work meeting in Warsaw, to create road map of 2020 for presentations and implementations Anatom Visio 3D System in Tanzania and East African Community (EAC). Three-dimensional (3D) images technology creates new demands and opportunities in the field of education of doctors and students at medical departments. The Africa market is growing very fast. Countries like […]

Agreement between Mzuri/Agrami and SMJP LTD

We are operate in Africa The territory of Tanzania as a base country and the countries of Central and Eastern Africa bordering Tanzania: Tanzania – Dar es Salaam – the headquarter Uganda Kenya Mozambique Malawi Zambia Rwanda Burundi Democratic Republic of Congo MZURI SYSTEM The system has been designed in Great Britain and launched into production […]

Kazimierz Pułaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom

One of the first universities to use human plastinated specimens and the Anatom Visio 3D System in the teaching process of medical students. Human plastinated specimens – are extremely valuable and durable products, which visualize well any anatomical structures. Anatom Visio 3D System – the world’s first solution that by exploiting the VR (virtual reality) […]

Polgips Warsaw

Meeting in POLGIPS Warsaw. Next high quality technology for Tanzania and Africa. Since 1990 POLGIPS develops energy-efficient and high ecological technologies of production building gypsum materials and applying them for construction. Large number was built already in Poland and Europe.    

American Heart of Poland

Next meeting with management of American Heart of Poland (AHP) – the biggest Network of cardiology, angiology and cardiosurgery hospitals on the Polish market ? over 30 Departments on the whole territory of Poland. American Heart of Poland is a company with over 15th years experiences, with outstanding team of doctors and the most modern medical equipment. […]

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